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Cleaning Tips for a Healthy Work Environment

Which needs to be done more often, cleaning restrooms or cleaning office break rooms? Most of us would answer with “restrooms,” but the truth is, break rooms are also prime hideouts for germs.

Why Clean Frequently Touched Objects?

What are FTO’s?
Frequently Touched Objects (FTOs) are items in the workplace that are often touched by multiple people several times a day. Examples of FTOs are:  faucets, countertop, soap dispensers, toilet seats, doorknobs, light switches, chair arms, utensil drawers, and microwave handles.
Bacteria residing on FTO’s are more serious than flu germs
More and more bacteria […]

Green Cleaning Services

What is Green Cleaning?
Even though all cleaning companies may sound the same at first, not all cleaning companies offer green cleaning. Only certain establishments meet green qualifications; they must use cleaning products and techniques that are environmentally friendly, safe, and clean. The green products must still clean as well as chemical competitors’ products, so […]