What to Clean Most Often?

Which needs to be done more often, cleaning restrooms or cleaning office break rooms? Most of us would answer with “restrooms,” but the truth is, break rooms are also prime hideouts for germs. Because the space inside a cubicle is considered fairly personal, germs are not swapped as often there; break rooms are inherently social spaces, making germ transfers easy.

Microwaves, faucet handles, refrigerators, silverware drawers, and counters are perfect for microbes. If you typically just rinse your coffee cup and wipe it with a sponge, that isn’t enough; many sponges are contaminated with E. coli. More hand sanitizers won’t make up for a germy break room.

Office Break Rooms: How Dirty Can They Be?

The break room must be cleaned daily and more carefully. Researchers recently collected almost 5,000 swabs from office buildings with more than 3,000 employees. These collections took place over six months. The office buildings housed law firms, call centers, manufacturing establishments, and healthcare and insurance companies.

The researchers’ results showed high levels of contamination on:

  • 75% of break room faucet handles
  • 48% of microwave handles
  • 27% of keyboards
  • 26% of refrigerator handles
  • 23% of water fountain buttons
  • 21% of vending machine buttons

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