What are FTO’s?

Frequently Touched Objects (FTOs) are items in the workplace that are often touched by multiple people several times a day. Examples of FTOs are:  faucets, countertop, soap dispensers, toilet seats, doorknobs, light switches, chair arms, utensil drawers, and microwave handles.

Bacteria residing on FTO’s are more serious than flu germs

More and more bacteria are growing resistance to antibiotics.  Contact with FTOs is often responsible  for  spreading germs and illness’ throughout a workplace. JanTech’s systematic approach to cleaning concentrates on FTOs as a large part of our cleaning methods.   Although not always obvious, the cleaning of FTOs is one of the most valuable procedures we perform each day / night, preventing everything from the common cold to more serious infectious diseases from spreading in your workplace.

Are Your FTO’s Cleaned Daily?

How can you ensure that the FTOs at your workplace are cleaned daily? It is important that you don’t just assume that “someone” is cleaning the sink faucets. For healthier, happier employees, for more productivity that pushes you ahead of your competitors, FTOs must be cleaned daily.

Some professionals recommend involving your employees. This includes: defining the FTOs in your facility, determining cleaning techniques, defining the frequency of those procedures, and holding meetings to discuss these details with everyone.

A much simpler and wiser solution is to find a cleaning service that that guarantees your FTOs will be cleaned regularly. Learn more about how JanTech cleaning specialists can help your business thrive by cleaning FTOs daily.