JanTech has the ability to work in a variety of situations for our clients such as multiple buildings, multiple locations, and multiple cities. Our customized comprehensive approach allows us to provide Cleaning Specialists any time of the day or evening.

  • corporate-campusWhether your corporation has one or one thousand employees, JanTech Building Services guarantees to promote a healthy, productive, organized office environment.
  • We save corporations time and energy by “doing it right the first time” so that the cleanliness of your office is something you come to expect, rather than desire.
  • Our business model enables us the flexibility to move from building to building in an efficient and timely manner. This allows consistent cleaning throughout each of your facilities.

We tailor our services to your needs, scheduling cleaning appointments around your calendar. We can clean during office hours or after your business closes – whichever is more convenient for you.

Clean, Safe, Healthy Solutions

Whether your business occupies one building, multiple buildings within a corporate campus, or buildings in different locations, JanTech has the solutions to your cleaning concerns, providing you with a safe, healthy environment for your clients and employees.