distribution-centersThe key to a company’s success is the efficiency of its distribution center.  It is vital to maintain a clean, healthy and organized environment.  JanTech will help you achieve these goals.  Our Management Team will work with you to identify and organize a task list and provide the services you require.

JanTech Revolves Around You

We intentionally schedule our services at your convenience. Whether during work hours or after your business closes, we provide quality services customized to you. We don’t ask that you stop productivity for us – we work around your agenda.

With our JanTech specialists, you never need to worry about our staff compromising your company’s safety policies. We specially train our staff in your facility’s unique security requirements.

Communication is vital to our success.  We offer a multifaceted approach to communication.  Your JanTech Supervisor is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through email or telephone.  We also offer a “customer log-in” section on our website allowing you to contact the office directly.

You can entrust us with your company’s unique security requirements and safety concerns. Our easily accessible support team make communicating simple and clear. JanTech Building Services, Inc. is the right fit for your distinctive distribution center.