Over the past 40+ years our company has grown by leaps and bounds.  The JanTech business is structured to offer consistency to all of our clients.  We are able to establish a “home” in any community throughout the United States.  At our customers’ request we have expanded into several states, yet continue to maintain our original philosophies:

“Keep it local, do it right the first time and exceed customer expectations”

These are the roots of our foundation.  A strong foundation is the reason JanTech has maintained its success over the years.

At JanTech, we know that the success of our company lies in the hands of our employees.  We have always made it a point to hire within the community that we are servicing. This hiring process holds immeasurable advantages for both you and your hometown.

  • JanTech provides training for all employees on our time.  The moment we walk into your facility, we are ready to perform our duties.
  • Our staff is trained to look for opportunities and take initiative to improve your facility such as reporting needed repairs that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.
  • We have streamlined our processes making us extremely efficient, flexible and have proven success in working with any company, of any shape, size and location.