How does JanTech exceed your cleaning service expectations?

JanTech utilizes “Area Supervisors” for each region. The responsibility of the Area Supervisor is to oversee each site within their region, monitor employees and represent the best interest of their clients. Area Supervisors are available 24 hours each day via email, logbooks, mobile phone, and through our website.

Our goal at JanTech is to work in a team environment. Ideally, we employ more than one Cleaning Specialist per site, automatically prompting and promoting a teamwork approach. Where applicable, JanTech identifies a Lead Cleaner and a Site Supervisor.

JanTech uses a comprehensive Quality Assurance Program to maintain and exceed your satisfaction. We integrate multiple checkpoints into our cleaning techniques, placing priority on frequently touched objects (including phones and door knobs) to maintain a healthy environment for you and your employees.

Additionally, we have a measurable employee performance analysis which calculates hard data and provides us concrete assessments, goal setting opportunities and performance evaluations.

Simply put; we tailor to your specifications. Our services are based on your needs, wants and expectations.
JanTech uses state-of-the-art equipment. We often utilize backpack vacuums saving time by allowing the Cleaning Specialists to swiftly move about your facility. All of our vacuums operate a filtration system significantly reducing dust particles and allergens.

The cleaning products chosen by JanTech are in the top tier of the industry. These products are fast acting and used to combat virtually 99.9% of bacteria found in the work place.

We have such confidence in our employees and the work they perform that we offer simple, easy contract terms. In depth interviews and background checks are an integral part of our hiring process. As a team member, our employees are extensively trained to uphold the JanTech standards, our cleaning processes and all safety regulations.

We offer competitive rates and a great working environment which aids in maintaining employees long term.

As an independently owned business, Cleaning Specialists are not just employees and Clients are not just accounts, both become members of our family and become part of our community.  We aim to hire employees from your surrounding area, engage in the local community through organizations such as colleges and employment outreach programs.

Keeping it local means something to us. It is our responsibility is to serve the community that serves you.

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