Daytime Service Programs

Let Day Porters maintain a neat & clean appearance within all heavily occupied areas throughout your facility.

Evening Service Programs

Providing the highest standard of janitorial services to maintain a professionally clean environment.

Hard Floor Maintenance

Preserve the luster of your hard floors. Let us protect your floors, renew that deep shine and keep them looking like new.

Fiberbrite Carpet Maintenance

Perfect for carpets that endure high traffic. Virtually-dry system results in low downtime & extends carpet life.

Why Choose JanTech Building Services, Inc:

Since 1971, JanTech Building Services, Inc. has been making a positive difference in people’s lives and businesses. As our specialized cleaning services continue spreading across the nation to meet customer demands, we remain true to our motto: “Keep it local, do it right the first time, and exceed customer expectations.”

We fulfill our motto by hiring employees within your local community, putting people to work in their hometowns. Keeping employees local bolsters the economic development of the community and contributes to the community as a whole.
We use our rigorous, documentable training process to train all of our Cleaning Specialists.  Our goal is to have them look beyond their duties and proactively seek opportunities to better service your facility. All of our staff members are ready to provide you with top-notch services as soon as they walk through your door.
Our dynamic, streamlined cleaning approach has built-in techniques for our employees to check and double-check their own work in a thorough manner. Our systematic method accounts for every corner in your building.
JanTech understands personalized service offering flexible scheduling, allowing for daytime or evening cleaning services.  We collaborate with you to customize our services to the needs specific to the success of your company no matter your size, location or industry.
JanTech tailors what we do to your specific needs and your facilities unique requirements. We work with you to come up with a cleaning plan that is ideal for your situation and your facility.  This may include providing our staff with personal protective equipment and specialized training. We have a variety of additional services including hard floor refinishing and the FiberBrite carpet maintenance program that you can take advantage of.

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Make Your Best First Impression

Jantech knows the importance of first impressions.  Our clients are confident they will experience a hassle free, clean, sanitized, well-kept environment as they walk into the door each day. Your clients will know the difference.  Let JanTech make a difference for you and your company today.